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SEDIT Projects
SEDIT's founding members were conducting variuos projects even before SEDIT was in operation as private consultants. It should be born in mind that the operations started way back in 2002. Until todate there are several projects and programmes conducted by SEDIT solely and with other partners including International NGOs like WWF, Frankfurt Zoological Society, Local Government Authorities, International companies like ORGUT Consulting AB, NIRAS Finland etc. SEDIT has developed two products i.e. VICOBA (Village Community Banks) and COCOBA (Community Conservation Banks), through which all projects are channeled, the later is less famous as was developed for community living near conserved areas, the two products are just two sides of the same coin. The VICOBA /COCOBA groups are very good platforms for other interventions campains like conservation, health, good governance, agriculture etc. The table shows some of the projects conducted